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by anne on March 6, 2012

Solar Powered USB

It’s not true that I had nothing on.
I had the radio on.
 –Marilyn Monroe

Communication with anyone outside the Northwest has been Morse code and ham radio. Sketchy. We know for sure the ash blotted a lot of the U.S. that was east of Wyoming.

Survival Guide Tip of the Week:—A Solar Powered USB Port

Even just one day of no electricity and you are going to want to be prepared by having a battery-operated radio. You probably knew that already. That’s not news. But, you can buy a (one) radio that can run on batteries, be hand cranked, solar powered and be plugged in. But that still isn’t the amazing news.

You can buy the above radio with a USB port that can solar power your phone. You no longer need to live in fear of being stranded in the mountain or desert and have a low battery crisis. Be prepared for a medical emergency, a zombie apocalypse – and buy yours today. $30.00

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