“…The story takes some surprise turns, goes down dark corridors as the struggle to survive and bring some order into this new world is waged. This really is a great story, one that grabs you and keeps you until the end, or is it the end? Well done, Ms. Mendel.”
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-MidWest Book Review

“ETIQUETTE FOR AN APOCALYPSE is that rarest of literary joys:
A page-turning thriller that is as thought-provoking as it is hilarious. And human. After reading Anne Mendel’s Highly original dark comedy, I’m Convinced she is Janet Evanovich’s long-lost slightly evil twin.”

-Marc Acito, Commentator, NPR’s All Things Considered

“In this delightful and provocative fusion of comedy, mystery, drama, and philosophical interrogation, Anne Mendel elevates the emerging genre of apocalyptic fiction to a new level. Her achievement provides a wild ride of entertainment for a jaded and cynical reading public, and a sunburst of hope for those despairing of the current human predicament.”

-TinHouse Editor in Chief Win McCormack

“The TV show Portlandia’s got nothing on this smart portrayal of post-apocalyptic Portland as the place to be after the series civilization-destroying earthquakes, volcanoes, plagues, starvation, etc that comprised the Apocalypse…” { Read full review }

-Joanna Rose, author of “Little Miss Strange”

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